VHS Field Show 2017

VHS Classic Wrap
We certainly were busy this last weekend as we all participated on some level with our 27th Annual Field Show.  Our kids did very well on the street and on the field and Mr. King is very excited about what this great start could mean for the rest of the competitions this year. It’s good to start strong but finishing strong is even better. So please encourage your children to work hard and most importantly, to support each other. As VIP Booster Parents, we can model that as so many of you did this last weekend by giving your time as you were able.  Each of us who worked at the event on Saturday appreciated everyone else who was there whether it was two hours or all day.  Each of us gave what we could and that’s what made it a successful day. Thank you!
For The Board,
Galen Osborn

VIP Booster President 2017/2018


2017 – 2018 Booster Board

The VIP Boosters have elected the new board for 2017-18 school year.

President –Galen Osborn
VP – Heather Osborn
Treasurer:  Christine Curl
Secretary-Tracy York
VP Ways and Means– Kim Beach
VP Communications– Marshall Burke
Uniforms Tracy York
VP Jazz– Dawn Turcaz
VP Color Guard– Heather Stapleton and Chris Boner
VP Drumline: Jennifer Dyer
Logistics– Norm Dyer
Webmaster – Marshall Burke

2016 -2017 Band Leadership

Band President  –  Ariel Nadratowski
Band Vice President  –  Joy Lee
Brass Seargeant  –  Joe Terry & John Han
Woodwind Seargeant  –  Brennen Irey
Drum Captain  –  Connor Elmasry
Pit Captain  –  Tanya Guerrero
Parade Drum Major  –  Jacqueline Valencia
Assistant Parade Drum Major  –  Rosaicela Rocha
Field Drum Major  –  James Wang
Assistant Field Drum Major  –  Manuel Alvarez
Assistant Field Drum Major  –  Rebecca Cunningham

Section Leaders
Flutes  Ariel Nadratowski
Clarinets  – Mauricio Gomez
Double Reeds  – Mauricio Gomez
Saxophones  – Danny Ticknor
Trumpets  – Noah Weule
French Horns  – Sara Valencia
Trombones/Baritones  – Derek Oyama
Brass Equipment Managers  – Brennan Ackerman & Lachlan Shon
Wood Wind Equipment Manager  – Mauricio Gomez
Librarians  – Rosaicela Rocha,  Lachlan Shon, Macy Soukup, Ernesto Oliver