If you are a parent, YOU ARE A Booster!

What do Boosters do?  

We support and encourage our sons and daughters 100% and make sure their shows run smoothly.  We are a non-profit organization that exists to support and sustain a fiscally sound and viable, quality music program.

I hear it is expensive …

Yes, participating in the band is expensive.  That is why the VIP board encourages each family to submit a “Fair Share” donation, in the amount of the requirements for the various groups within the band program.  Fair share donations CAN be paid throughout the year in installments AND can be offset when you or your student participates in the listed fundraising activities.

Why is it so expensive?

Each group (Marching Band, Color Guard, Drum Line/Percussion, and Jazz) has competitions and performances that require extra funds that Valencia HS cannot afford.  The Boosters and the annual budget make it possible for these groups to perform and place in their respective competition organizations.

What competitions do bands participate?

There are technically two competitions bands participate.  The first is a Marching Parade.  This is where they line up in rows and march down a street.  (Like the Placentia Parade) .  The second is a Field Show.  This is where they play music while marching to various formations.   You will see these shows during SCSBOA competitions and during half time of all VHS home football games.

What is SCSBOA?

SCSBOA is the Southern California School Band and Orchestra Association.  They provide opportunities in music, raising performance and adjudication standards, and improving teaching techniques.  Meaning they are the association that creates competitions for the bands in Southern California.

How can friends and family donate money other than online?  Who can they write a check and is it tax deductible?

Yes! Definitely!  Friends and family can donate using the Adopt-A-Tiger donation.  They can write a check, payable to Valencia Instrumental Parents, and we will send them a Thank You letter with a tax deductible receipt.