Required Forms 2017 Band-Packet-English.


Formularios requeridos   2017 Band-Packet-Espanol.

The forms for the upcoming 2015/2016 Tiger Regiment year are as follows:

  • Tiger Regiment Communications Form
  • District Insurance Certification Form
  • District Permission and Waiver Form
  • District Student Physical Form
  • District Co-Curricular Transportation Form


The last form on the list is a new form. It relates to the District Transportation Fee that is paid at registration. It is relatively simple, but if you have questions, they will have to be directed to the District. There are ways to opt out of the Transportation Fee. Read it carefully. If you are tempted to select the Private Transportation option, remember this requires that you will provide transportation to ALL events at the times required. For example, if we are going to a marching and field show event, you will have to provide transportation to the event at the call time, provide any transportation needed during the event and provide transportation home.

This option also requires you submit the District DMV form that is not included with the packet sent home with the students. The form is included with the digital forms on the website.